My early Scottish Christmas

I was about to start creating some jewellery, I put some Scottish tunes from Julie Fowlis, and I suddenly felt the urge to look back at some pictures taken during my Christmas in Edinburgh. So I had to put them together in this photo post. At this stage, Edinburgh is like my second home from…

When you have to read a book – The Moonstone

Well, at some stage an old white haired man came closer to my stall and, after telling me something very nice on my handmade jewellery, he stared at the name of my stall.
We all know that Irish people have always some stories to tell, and this man was very Irish. He started his story with a question: “Moonstone… Have you ever read the book?”

Dissatisfaction vs. Satisfaction: a personal challenge

Ten days ago Moonstone was officially born. I’d like to try and explain my feelings at that very moment, but to do so I need to let you know what happened at the beginning. Everyone has a dream, but no one ever consciounsly realizes when it starts to sparkle. Sometimes one doesn’t even know what the…