The Virgin Suicides – Book & Movie (a non-review)

Well, it wouldn’t make sense to write a proper review for a book everyone already talked about and for which, as for any other books, everything and its opposite has been said. Therefore, I’ll just let a few thoughts spill out freely. Thoughts that most probably will follow no logical sequence, and won’t tell much…

Types of blog I love

In my last post, I answered two of the main questions I’m asked about blogging: why do you blog? Is it not too personal? As I promised there, here I would like to list some topics I like to read about in other blogs. I’m not going to list specific blogs, but rather summarise on…

When you have to read a book – The Moonstone

Well, at some stage an old white haired man came closer to my stall and, after telling me something very nice on my handmade jewellery, he stared at the name of my stall.
We all know that Irish people have always some stories to tell, and this man was very Irish. He started his story with a question: “Moonstone… Have you ever read the book?”